Prime Minister outlines plan for reform of prisons

The PM announces reform to the prison system including six new 'reform prisons' to be created this year and changes to the prison education system.

  • PM to set out his vision for a “truly twenty-first century” prison system, while calling for prison reform to be one of the “great progressive causes” of British politics
  • Six new ‘reform prisons’ to be created this year, with full autonomy over how they operate and spend their budget
  • Prison education system will also be completely transformed with full control being given to ‘reform prison’ governors, while protecting the £130m per year budget

The PM will also confirm that the government will soon be publishing Dame Sally Coates’ review of prison education, where she will recommend the end to regional contracts and instead advises giving much greater control of education to prison governors.

The recommendation, which has been accepted in full by the government, will be backed further by the government promising to protect prison education budgets in cash terms, with £130 million per year.

Read the full press release

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